Optimize performance by controlling your body temperature.

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Two endurance runners using patches on key points to stay cool

What is an Arctic Patch?

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Carry it anywhere and place it on your skin for cooling. Our water-powered HydraVolt™ material does not need a fridge or battery.
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Eztia's HydraVolt™ cooling technology safely reduces your body temperature for hours, without risk of freezer burn from traditional icing.
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HydraVolt™ gel attaches to your body and contours to your skin. Products fit discreetly under clothing for cooling without the mess.
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We modulate temperature reduction to keep your body cool AND healthy. We only use clean ingredients so our products are suitable for sensitive skin.
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We use water, not electricity, to power cooling in a way that relieves climate burden. We sustainably source environmentally friendly materials for the Arctic Patch.
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We believe in social responsibility and are driven to make the Arctic Patch accessible for everyone, everywhere while working towards being climate neutral.
female endurance athlete cycling outdoors with cryoactive patch on chest to combat heat stress and enhance athletic performance

What is the
Arctic Patch?

A wearable for on-the-go cooling to boost your performance by keeping your body temperature in optimal range. The lightweight and flexible patch can protect you from overheating when placed on target locations like your inner wrist or the back of your neck. Bring it with you when traveling—it never needs a fridge or battery.
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Optimize body temperature
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Enhance your performance
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Protect from heat-related health risks
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Extend your endurance

How does the technology work?

The Arctic Patch is based on our patent-pending HydraVolt™ material. Our tech is not ice-cold to touch, but it draws heat away from your body upon skin contact to provide safe and long-lasting cooling. All ingredients are biocompatible, non-toxic, and suitable for sensitive skin.
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Clinically Effective
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Rigorously Tested
How It Works

Slap on and go!
No refrigeration needed.


Remove packaging

Each patch comes in a sealed pouch that can be stored at room temperature.

Attach to skin

The patch adheres and contours to your body so that you can continue with your activities as usual.

Enjoy up to 6 hours of cooling

Our HydraVolt™ material rapidly draws heat away from your skin to provide immediate relief. The reduction in skin temperature is sustained up to 6 hours for long-lasting cooling.

Peel off and add water for next use

Remove the patch and soak it in water for 30 minutes to recharge it for its next cycle of cooling. Store it in the sealed pouch between uses. Patches are reusable for one month.

Serving everyone in everyday life.

The Eztia Arctic Patch is only the beginning. Check out our future product lines below to learn more about what is to come.
line drawing of eztia CryoHeal patch for post-operations and geriatric care, patch shown stuck to old man's back
Clinical Support

We're here for you both in and out of the hospital.

Eztia's medical product lines are designed to treat symptoms of overheating in clinical emergency situations, and to reduce pain and inflammation related to medical conditions and procedures, such as post-operative care and cancer-related pain.
line drawing of eztia CryoFamily patch, shown stuck to nipples and vaginal area to help with chronic pain and soreness
We Fit All Sizes

We tailor cold therapy to each member of your family.

The Eztia Family patch series are made for mothers' postpartum recovery needs and breastfeeding comfort, for your children when they catch a fever from daycare or fall out of a tree, and for grandparents experiencing aches and pains that come with the years.
line drawing of Eztia CryoTone cold therapy patch, shown stuck under eyes to provide cold therapy to under eye bags and reduce puffiness
Enhanced Self-Care

Elevate your wellness routine with personalized cooling.

Lock in absorption of your favorite skincare products with Eztia's CryoTone facial masks, or nourish your skin after a cosmetic treatment with customized patches that contour to your face. Eztia's cryotherapy patches helps you look good and feel great.

Priority access, company updates, exclusive resources, and more.

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How can I get an Arctic Patch?

We’re working on product development and testing. If you’d like to participate in a user study, please reach out!

How is this protecting our planet?

Existing cooling solutions like freezer ice packs, air conditioning, and electric fans exert demands on the power grid. By substituting electric-powered cooling methods with water-powered cooling products like Eztia's, we're decreasing energy consumption and related carbon emissions that would otherwise contribute to climate damage.

Is this safe for children, elderly people, and individuals with medical conditions?

We use biocompatible and non-medicated materials that are suitable for sensitive skin. Individuals with pre-existing conditions that are contra-indications to cold therapy in general, including but not limited to vascular disease, cold hypersensitivity, and altered skin sensation, should consult a medical professional prior to using an Eztia product.