We're on a mission to engineer novel cooling materials to protect people from extreme heat.

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Our Values

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Advance Human Health

We create novel solutions to problems that affect people's health and well-being where the status quo just isn't good enough.
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Build Responsible Tech

Our first technology, HydraVolt™, is powered by water, not electricity. We create things that work off-grid to serve people and contexts that live off-grid too.
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Protect Our Planet

We’re working to be Climate Neutral certified. Look out for our impact reports on carbon footprint, community service, and more.

Meet the Team

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Maria Woyden

A brand strategist and graphic designer with a passion for making a positive impact, Maria brought the Eztia brand to life across all platforms and manages the Eztia image, messaging, and marketing.
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Tiffany Yeh

A physician who trained at the University of Pennsylvania and a materials engineer from MIT, Tiffany got frustrated with sitting on ice packs to manage a health condition and started Eztia to re-invent human cooling.
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Leena Vyas

A materials engineer from the University of Pennsylvania with a strong track record in sustainability, Leena developed Eztia’s technology in lab and iterated versions of the Arctic Patch with user testing.
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Our Story

Thanks for being a part of our journey.

Sept 2021

Eztia’s cooling technology is conceptualized based on research in environmental and biomedical engineering fields.

July 2022

Eztia launches as a company to develop and commercialize the technology.

Founder in lab, creating sustainable cooling material
Oct 2022

We publish our first research articles under the Eztia blog to educate and advocate for the improvement of both human and planetary health.

Sept 2023

We are testing our first patent-pending product, the Arctic Patch to help you perform better in heat.

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Let’s create positive change for health x tech x planet.

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