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Closeup of a female runner using a patch to stay cool and boost endurance

Cooling technology that's friendly for people & planet.

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Extreme heat
affected more than 3.8 billion people in 2023. From June to August, at least 1.5 billion people around the world experienced extreme temperatures every day during the three month period.
Outdoor sports
are becoming increasingly risky in warm climates. Risk for heat injury is high at anything above 80ºF (27ºC), while optimal temperature hovers in the mid 40s – low 50s (7-11ºC).

Eztia Arctic Patches

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Carry it anywhere and place it on your skin for cooling. Our water-powered HydraVolt™ material does not need a fridge or battery.
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Eztia's HydraVolt™ cooling technology safely reduces your body temperature for hours, without risk of freezer burn from traditional icing.
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HydraVolt™ gel attaches to your body and contours to your skin. Patches fit discreetly under clothing for cooling without the mess.
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Outdoor endurance athlete, male golfer using cold therapy wearable for heat adaptation
Performance & Heat Adaptation

Stay active, cool, and comfortable, even on the hottest days.

When you're overheating and need to cool down, attach an Eztia Arctic Patch to key points like the back of your neck, chest, and inner wrist to keep your body temperature in optimal range.

Stay cool, comfortable, and pain-free

Pain relief + heat relief, mockups below?
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2 happy senior citizens jogging outdoors for physical health and self care

This Space NEEDS to be Disrupted

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Cooling capacity of engineered technologies.
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endurance athlete running outdoors using a cryotherapy patch patch to avoid heat exhaustion
How It Works

Easy to use. No refrigeration needed.

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Remove packaging

Each patch comes in a sealed pouch that can be stored at room temperature.
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Attach to skin

The patch adheres to your body so that you can continue with your activities as usual.
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Enjoy cooling for 6 hours

Our HydraVolt™ material rapidly draws heat away from your skin and maintains this temperature reduction for up to 6 hours.
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Add water for next use

Soak the patch in water for 30 minutes and it's ready for another cycle of cooling! Our patches are reusable for up to a month.

Cooling is for Everyone

A bunch of cyclists biking, competing in the heat during the Tour de France

Tour de France athletes wear ice vests while racing on their bikes.

Our goal is to replace heavy ice vests with the thin and dynamic Eztia Arctic Patch.
Group of people running in the heat during a summer marathon

Ultramarathons order 9 pounds of ice per runner to keep them cool.

Transporting and storing that much ice in the mountains and deserts is challenging and wasteful.
Two firefighters spraying water to put out a fire

Frontline & outdoor workers endure extreme temperatures over long hours.

Landscapers, construction workers, military personnel, firefighters, chefs, delivery drivers... everyone needs protection from the heat.
Tents of a refugee camp in the hot desert with no electricity

770 million people around the world live without electricity.

This means they have no access to refrigeration or electric fans.  Eztia's water-based material can help.
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